Monday, January 09, 2006

Caucus Coolerisms


Big 3-
The three candidates widely considered to be the favorites to win the Republican nomination for President: Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and John McCain.

The Boston Globe-Worker-
A reference to the paper's liberal tendencies and continued negative attacks against Mitt Romney.

Cooler acronym for "credible conservative alternative." With the 3 leading candidates in the race having moderate backgrounds on certain social issues, many Republicans are searching for the "credible conservative alternative." Sam Brownback, Tommy Thompson, and Jim Gilmore have all made claims to that mantle.

The Cooler Line-
an exclusive creation of Caucus Cooler, the Cooler line is an oddsmaking tool that assesses which candidates have the best chance to win the Iowa Caucus (not the Presidential race as a whole) at any given time.

Gang of 50- The Gang of 50 refers to political insiders and journalists who influence the daily media narrative in Iowa Politics. The term "Gang of 500" was coined by Mark Halperin of ABC News' The Note, as "campaign consultants, strategists, pollsters, pundits, and journalists who make up the modern-day political establishment" He said they are "the 500 people whose decisions matter to the political news and campaign narrative we get from the major media." The Cooler completely ripped our version off from Mr. Halperin.

Mitt-Flops- A reference to Gov. Romney's evolving stance on issues such as abortion, homosexual rights, and stem cell research.

The New Moscow Times-
The New York Times

WAR- Commonly used by commenters. WAR is the acknowledgement that the author is a fan of a given subject. I.E. WAR Hawkeye Football could be used by a University of Iowa grad on a Saturday in the Fall. The term was created on the Jim Rome sports radio show and popularized in Iowa Blogging circles by commenters at Iowa's signature GOP blog, Krusty Konservative.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mitt-flops... HA

4:43 PM  
Blogger John S. Maine said...

Dont Forget
" Set Them All Free Mike Huckabee"

1:45 PM  
Blogger John S. Maine said...

Huckers Latest Title

"Speak For A Large Fee Mike Huckabee"

9:09 PM  

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  • The Cooler Line

    Mike Huckabee 10-9
    Mitt Romney 3-1
    Fred Thompson 9-1
    John McCain 9-1
    Rudy Giuliani 12-1
    Ron Paul 12-1
    Duncan Hunter 98-1
    The Cooler line is an exclusive creation of Caucus Cooler and will be updated as the political environment changes.
    It is an unscientific assessment of the Iowa Caucus (not the Presidential race as a whole) from an insiders view at the given time. The line IS NOW mathematically accurate but is NOT intended for gambling purposes. Information may only be reproduced with credit to the Caucus Cooler.