Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Upcoming Caucus Calendar

Here's a quick look at the Presidential visits that are on the calendar for the next few weeks:

Tomorrow- Governor Warner will be in Dubuque and Davenport helping out with legislative races.

Friday 14th- Senator McCain will be stumping for Mike Whalen (in Davenport)

Edit: Senator McCain will be in Cedar Falls at the home of Black Hawk County Supervisor, Scott Jordan.

Thursday 27th- Elizabeth Edwards follows in her husbands lead and graces those in Polk County with her presence.

Saturday 29th- Romney is the keynote speaker at the Republican Party of Iowa's Chairman's Dinner in Cedar Rapids

Ongoing/Neverending- Senator Joe Biden is apparently riding across the state on a mule. He will visit all 99 counties and a couple of 7-11's. This will take somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 Days. The Cooler has an intern on his trail so look for periodic updates on his progress.

Coming Later This Week:

  • The first in a series Cooler Profiles. We'll look at all of the Republican contenders, their Iowa inroads and how their pre strawpoll campaign is shaping up. First up- Senator George Allen.

  • Endorsement Updates: As you know, many Iowa GOP insiders are flirting with Presidential campaigns already, we'll tell you where a couple of the key players seem to be lining up.

  • Our thoughts on David Yepsen's in-depth column on Gov. Mitt Romney's Iowa efforts.


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