Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"Judge"ing Rudy's Record

As if on cue from this morning, David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network examined Giuliani's appeal to social conservatives. Brody is the most active Christian conservative in the blogosphere and has done a lot on Brownback, Romney, Huckabee and McCain.

His first post is a rebuttal to Rudy's claim that he supports "strict constructionists." 18 months before yesterday's softball session on H&C, Rudy made a very different comment to Hannity and Colmes on the judge issue. This quote certainly won't reassure conservatives who Rudy is trying to court with the judge argument...

"And what's important to me is to have a very intelligent, very honest, very good lawyer on the court. And [John Roberts] fits that category, in the same way Justice Ginsburg fit that category. I mean, she was -- she maybe came at it from a very different political background, very qualified lawyer, very smart person. "

Later Brody posts on a conversation he had with Family Research Council leader Tony Perkins about Rudy. Perkins had this to say about Rudy:

"Most pro-family Americans do not yet realize how far outside of the mainstream of conservative thought that Mayor Giuliani social views really are. Once people focus on this election and the candidates Giuliani's lead will diminish. If by some chance Giuliani were to gain the Republican nomination it would set up a very similar scenario that we had last November. A unenthusiastic Republican base which will suppress turnout and set up a Democratic victory. "

Let the Freak Show begin!

Later Tonight we'll add Brody's blog to our links on the right so you can keep an eye on the soco blogosphere if you are interested.


Blogger Fredo said...

DaveG at R4'08 has pointed out that the intent of Rudy's comment was to say, "Republicans confirmed Ginsburg despite her ideology b/c she was qualified; Dems should do the same for Roberts."

While I'm strongly pro-life, pro-Mitt, and against Rudy's pro-choice/pro-gun control/pro-civil union track record, we don't need to twist his words to paint him as outside the GOP mainstream.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Fredo said...

Although there is a legitimate argument to be made that this is another example of the kind of "loose language" that lends itself to being twisted. This is the exact problem he had in NYC in the pre 9/11 period when he had alientaed lots of folks by shooting from the hip, and his favorability numbers suffered.

3:17 PM  
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