Saturday, July 15, 2006

How Rude

This was a forward moving week for Rudy. His rhetoric about '08 seems to be changing and a lot of national news folks seem to be more convinced that he's running. Add that to a the fact that the cooler has heard that Rudy's New York team is becoming more and more open about his intentions. All of that makes this next tidbit all the more confusing.

On May 1, Rudy came to Iowa to campaign for Jeff Lamberti and Jim Nussle. The Cooler has heard that Giuliani made the Iowa campaigns pay for his expenses, travel, etc... If you were coming to Iowa to gain chits with the candidates- wouldn't you pay for the trip yourself? The trip also overlapped with a paid motivational speaking engagement that was non-political (well as non-political as Rudy can be). That doesn't seem like a very Presidential candidatesque 3 stop visit to the Hawkeye State.

Then take into consideration that Lamberti was Rudy's only campaign disbursement nation wide in Q1 and it leaves us at the cooler rather befuddled.

You can be sure that we'll be keeping an eye on America's mayor.


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