Friday, February 16, 2007

Gron Stall

Honestly what would we do without Mike Gronstal?? He truly is a visionary leader. What would we do without his perseverance, dedication, and commitment to making a difference for Iowans. Under the direction of this great sage the Iowa Senate yesterday passed a resolution that stated for the record their opposition to the troop surge....

In related news the Iowa House passed a resolution expressing their gratitude to the folks at American Idol for entertaining us so thoroughly this season...

Seriously, doesn't Governor Lug have any other priorities in his agenda. The Democrats finally take control of the legislature and the governorship at the same time and this is how they spend their time? This resolution matters even less than that non-binding resolution the real Senate may or may not vote on. It's comepletely worthless. And in typical Democrat fashion they don't offer any solutions to the Iraq problem, just disapproval of our current course. Here are a couple of gems from the morning Register.

Senate President Jack Kibbie, an Emmetsburg Democrat, said the war needs to be brought to an end. "Most people believe there were no weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein is history, and so it's my opinion the people of Iowa are asking their political leaders to express their opinion and send this message

Really? Can't we close the book on the WMD talking points? You are right Jack, there were no WMD's, point conceded. Now what? What do we do going forward? Well in Jack's opinion the people of Iowa are demanding their state senators express their disapproval of Iraq. That's step 1. We haven't heard this clamoring for action from our state senators around the Cooler's local watering hole, but hey maybe we just aren't talking to the right folks.

"This resolution should be a heck of a lot tougher. It should be talking about us getting out of there," said Sen. Michael Connolly of Dubuque.

Does Mike realize it doesn't matter what the resolution says since he's not a member of Congress? Was he drinking on the floor yesterday?

You might wonder how this relates to the 2008 Iowa caucus. Umm, it doesn't really, except it continues to reinforce the fact that the Republicans need to have an upfront dialogue about this war and offer SOLUTIONS going into 2008 because its clear that as usual the Democrats won't have any.

We'd love to hear from our buddy Drew Miller in the comments on this one ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's recap the record for the week in the Iowa Senate:

1. Legalize Cloning [check]

2. Screw parochial schools on the gay rights lobby's pet project, the so-called anti-bully bill [check]

3. Demoralize the troops with a bullshit resolution on the war[check]

4. Raise taxes [out of committee - check]

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey CC - you made reuters?!?!?!?!

12:12 PM  
Blogger Drew Miller said...

So is it obnoxious that I rediscovered this post while searching your blog for my own name? :-) (I was looking for the post about anonymous comments and how mean everyone is.)

My take is that it was done mostly as a service to Tom Vilsack, who was trying to push resolutions like it all over the state as something to keep his supporters busy and generate news for him on his war position. I don't think it makes much of a difference, and I'd rather see wholesale opposition or longterm goal-setting rather than opposing specific actions on the part of the executive. It doesn't seem to have gotten in the way of any of the rest of the Democratic agenda in the state house though, so it is certainly no more harmful than any of the plethora of other resolutions they pass every year.

(And while we probably won't have one about American Idol, I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see one honoring Joshua Stephens for his performance on Nashville Star.)

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... know RON HEVENER?
GRON...GOV'T mobster?
Oh yeah...he's very well known in WEST VIRGINIA & PENNSYLVANIA 's PENN VALLEY.
RON HEVENER is going to be a major part for some lucky actor in HOLLYWOOD.
But they can't be ARYAN.
That's a hitch.
So, Maybe SEAN PENN's not a good choice for" KANSAS KINGS"?

5:10 PM  

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