Thursday, September 21, 2006

Et Ett and Etty

Apparently, George Allen is Jewish. He didn't know even know it until his mom told him last month. This story is almost unreal. Who approved "Etty" has a press spokesperson for this campaign anyway?

Henrietta "Etty" Allen said Wednesday that she concealed her upbringing as a Jew in North Africa from her children until a conversation across the dining room table in late August.

She said Allen asked her directly about his Jewish heritage when he was in Los Angeles for a fundraiser. "We sat across the table and he said, 'Mom, there's a rumor that Pop-pop and Mom-mom were Jewish and so were you,' " she recalled, a day after Allen issued a statement acknowledging and embracing his Jewish roots as he campaigns for a second term in the U.S. Senate. Etty's father, Felix Lumbroso, was imprisoned by the Nazis during the German occupation of Tunis.

Keep in mind this is the front page of this morning's Washington Post. If you think it's bad to this point, you haven't seen anything yet. Etty makes a borderline anti-Semetic remark and then the Post revisits Macaca for like the 100th time..

"I said, well, I just didn't want anyone to know," she explained. "I had said, 'Please don't tell your brothers and sister and your wife.' The fact this is such an issue justifies my actions, and my behavior."

Macaca is a genus of monkey and is a French slur for a dark-skinned person. French and Arabic are spoken in Tunis. Etty Allen said Wednesday that she had never used the word "macaca" before and had to go to a dictionary to look it up when she heard of the controversy. She said the word did not exist in her dictionary.

"I swear to you, I have never used that word," she said. "I must have used a lot of bad words, but not that word."

And then it really closes with a Bang

"He's fine. He loves challenges," she said, then offered an unsolicited observation that suggests her son might be ready for a break from tough questions: "His favorite time of the week is when he comes home, sits on his riding mower, by himself and mows his lawn and no one is asking him questions."

Whew... Did Wadhams approve Etty as an Allen surrogate or did the Post just dig up her number? That was not a good interview.

We don't mean to gang up on Allen. We're worried that we are breaking our fair and balanced coverage rule, but Allen's campaign has been an unmitigated disaster, so it's hard not to post about it as such.


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