Tuesday, September 19, 2006

That's a real Meshuggenah

George Allen is getting more press. This time it's about his Jewish ancestry, or lack their of. Jeez, If Marv Albert were announcing he'd screech "Allen can't BUY a bucket."

Allen was confronted about his ancestry at a recent debate with the Fairfax (Northern Virginia) Chamber of Commerce. The crowd, upset at the question, actually started booing! Allen was visibly flustered but he came back to an area that he's comfortable with, invoking Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers.

"You know what the first freedom in our country was?" he demanded. "Freedom of religion, that people's rights are not enhanced or diminished on account of their religion..."

This is probably not the coverage Mrrs. Wadhams and LaCivita were hoping for, but Allen managed to avoid completely fumbling this one. (Multiple sports metaphors in one post, my former English professors would not be happy).

Here's an article from a Virginia Paper.
And you can watch a clip of the altercation here.


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