Monday, October 16, 2006

Sniffing Kay's Potpourri

Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa has an interesting blog entry about the Jefferson Jackson Dinner, John Edwards trip last week, and John McCain's upcoming trip. Check it out.

Here are some interesting excerpts.

When Clinton entered the room to take the stage, some people in the back of the room actually stood on their chairs to get a better glimpse. After Clinton's 50 minute speech, Democrats did their traditional begging-for-cash schtick. Harkin got Clinton to donate his tie, and long-time Democratic contributor Bill Knapp bought it for $3000.

Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards was in Iowa over the weekend and before his last appearance in Altoona, I told him I'd be speaking with his wife today about her book -- "Saving Graces" -- and asked him if he had a question to suggest.

"Ask her how much she loves her husband," Edwards suggested, laughing, then he continued: "I think you should ask her what it was like for her to go through the emotional experience of writing this book because I watched her up close writing this book and it was quite something to watch."

"Did it in any way parallel your own experience in writing your own book?" I asked. (Edwards wrote a book -- Four Trials -- that mentions his son, Wade, and Wade's death in 1996. Most of the book, though, is about four cases Edwards worked on as a lawyer.)

"It was very different I think, in part, because she wrote at great length about a lot of the trauma of her life and it had a different impact because of that, so you should ask her about it," Edwards replied.


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