Wednesday, December 13, 2006

BREAKING: DuHaime to Giuliani

Another sign that Rudy Giuliani is serious about a Presidential bid comes in the form of New Jersey's own Mike Duhaime.

Duhaime is currently the Political Director at the RNC. He will oversee the exploratory committee. Duhaime has national politcal/organizational contacts and this signing is a sure signal that Rudy is ready to get involved in the staffing Primary.

Big pick-up for Rudy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

People thinking Rudy is not going to run has to remember he has the best short of building a reiongal firewall than anyone else. He would have atleast NY, NJ, RI, Conn, Maryland, and perhaps Penn in the bag. Romney or McCain does not have that.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds great 4:43. But how do you win if you don't organize Iowa? Is he going to organize Iowa?

We're first and we set the tone.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It might be a stretch to say he has those NE states in the bag as well, 4:43...he still would have an "R" behind his name...

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you must have given this scoop to Cillizza because he posted about it too. How did you find out!?!

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I mean to win the primany.

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Novak: Romney's candidacy strangled in its crib?

"In 1994, while running for Senate, Romney had sent a letter to the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans group, stating that he would be a stronger advocate for gay rights than Sen. Kennedy. Conservative leaders viewed his earlier statements as troubling and called for an 'abject rejection' of his earlier stance. ...The combination of this and his abortion flip-flop could strangle his candidacy in its crib."

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a big Giuliani supporter and can't wait for him to start staffing up in Iowa! Go Rudy Go!

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who would theoretically take Romney's place if he dropped out of the big three?

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Massachussets CR's endorse McCain

Truth Caucus reports that the Massachusetts College Republicans have chosen to endorse John McCain, NOT Mitt Romney. For those of you who don't know much about Romney, Romney is the Governor of Massachusetts.

The highest levels of Massachusetts College Republican leadership are set to declare their support for John McCain early this week, TRUTH CAUCUS has learned.

I don’t have to tell you (but I’m going to anyway): Mitt Romney is the sitting governor of Massachusetts (albeit one-term and with a low approval rating).

This comes as Romney ends a very bad political week (i.e. defending whatever it is he said about gay marriage).

Romney spent much this weekend calculating strategy to deal with his 1994 “gay-friendly” comments.

The group of College Republicans—including Massachusetts CR State Chairman Mike Miltenberger—will form a youth advisory committee to assist McCain in Massachusetts and neighboring New Hampshire.

“Conservative College Republicans in Massachusetts appreciate Senator McCain’s authenticity and straight talk,” Miltenberger declares.

The fact that the College Republicans from Romney's own state aren't backing him are very telling of Romney's candidacy. These College Republican groups likely worked their tail off to elect Romney in 2002, and now they're going to endorse somebody else's Presidential campaign (let alone John McCain's)? I'm pretty surprised by this, but I think this is another signal of McCain's seemingly strong support amongst College Republicans. This adds to McCain's list of state College Republican groups supporting his Presidential bid, with South Carolina, Alabama, and Michigan already supporting him.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's because Romney doesn't mix at all with the words Conservative and Republican.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:43, aka McCainiac. Not a good week for McCain and his demonstrating his fear of Mitt Romney as the conservative alternative to him.

Nice Try but that was an endorsement of one kid (probably McCain's great great grandson), not the CR's. Below is the HOTLINE story:

December 13, 2006
A Blacklash Against A Mass. GOP McCain Endorsement
Yesterday, we reported the endorsement of Sen. John McCain by a handful of prominent College Republicans in Massachusetts, home of Gov. Mitt Romney.

Now there's a backlash. One Mass. Alliance of College Republican board member wants chair Michael Miltenberger to resign, citing a litany of alleged misdeeds. The McCain endorsement, in the view of these board members, was the final straw.

A board member e-mailed hundreds of Mass. Republicans a broadside against Miltenberger , but at the end, refused to identify him or herself "due to fear of retribution," the letter said.

A spokesperson for Romney's PAC said they have nothing to do with the letter.

Here's the letter:

I write to you today about a very important situation of concern relating to Massachuetts College Republicans. As a member of its Executive Board, I learned with profound dissapointment today that Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans (MACR) State Chairman Michael Miltenberger, a Florida native, unilaterally decided that the MACR should prematurely endorse the presidential aspirations of U.S. Senator John McCain, a decision that was covered in today's edition of "The Hotline," a major national political news website (
Endorsing one presumptive GOP presidential candidate over another when the race for our Party's presidential nomination is still more than eighteen months in the future is premature at best. However, the most dissapointing part of this endorsement is its snide tone and the perception it disingenuously offers. While he has not yet officially announced his intentions, many expect our Governor, Mitt Romney, to announce soon that he will seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. Governor Romney has faced unfair and unwarranted criticism in recent weeks over the authenticity of his conservative beliefs. So you can imagine why national news outlets picked up on Governor Romney's homestate College Republican federation endorsing a likely presidential nomination opponent, Senator McCain, and noting his "authenticity" and "straight talk" - in a subtle but clear jab at the Governor.

The MACR represents hundreds of College Republicans on scores of campuses from the Berkshires to Cape Cod, most of whom understand the importance of prudent leadership. Most importantly, almost all of these College Republicans understand the importance of political loyalty. Governor Mitt Romney has been an amazing asset to Massachusetts Republicans of all ages these last four years, and many of our members are excited and eager to assist him with his likely presidential bid. But with Miltenberger's unilateral endorsement of Senator McCain today, I speak on behalf of many MACR members concerned that top Massachusetts Republicans supporting Governor Romney's presidential bid would look unfavorably on MACR members because of the imprudence of the current MACR State Chairman.

It is important to understand, however, that Miltenberger's unilateral endorsement of Senator McCain is yet another example of his imprudent and self-serving style of leadership, at the expense of the MACR and its members. Since becoming MACR State Chairman in the spring of 2005, Miltenberger has consistently placed his own personal ambitions above our statewide organization's reputation and legitimacy in the eyes of top Massachusetts Republicans. In September 2005, Miltenberger began to effectively ignore his MACR leadership responsibilities in order to seek the chairmanship of the College Republican Northeast Caucus. Around this time, many MACR Executive Board members called for his impeachment due to negligence of duties, a show of disunity that soured the reputation of our statewide organization in the eyes of top Massachusetts Republican leaders.

When elections for the Northeast Caucus position were delayed until June 2006, Miltenberger spent almost all of the remaining weeks and months leading up to those elections traveling to other states in New England and across the nation attempting to build support for his national ambitions from other state College Republican leaders. While Miltenberger criss-crossed the country campaigning for a meaningless title, the MACR's membership strength withered in the absence of any statewide recruiting effort during the

2005-2006 academic year. And when they could have been most useful in helping our local and statewide Republican candidates gather nominating signatures this past spring, MACR members, and especially Miltenberger, were nowhere to be found. It is no surprise then that the MACR currently has no legitimacy in the eyes of top Massachusetts Republican leaders, as evidenced by the fact that not one top state party official spoke at our State Convention in Boston last spring.

The last straw for many came just last month when Miltenberger forced the impeachment of Jo Jensen, who has worked tirelessly for the Republican Party both as MACR Co-Chair and Deputy Director of Students for Saving Social Security, a national student organization advocating for Social Security reform.

For the sake of the future of the MACR, the final straw must be today's imprudent act of profound disrespect towards Governor Romney by Michael Miltenberger.

The Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans desperately cries for new leadership.

This being the case, I submit the following requests:

*I call upon members of the MACR Executive Board and State Committee to join me in demanding Michael Miltenberger's resignation as State Chairman, effective immediately.

*I urge Massachusetts Republican Party leaders to do whatever is in their power publicly and/or behind the scenes to provide the MACR new statewide leadership.

This past election cycle was an extremely difficult and dissapointing one for Massachusetts Republicans. We need to regroup and refocus on the grassroots now more than ever to improve our electoral standing from its current untenable status. If we do not do this, the GOP will soon face extinction in the Bay State. I am confident Massachusetts College Republicans will contribute significant time and human resources towards this important goal in the future, but only with a new State Chairman at the helm of the MACR.

I appreciate your attention to this important message, and your efforts on behalf of the MACR.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duhaime is a good pick up.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:57, Romney people like you don't seem to practice what they preach when it comes to tolerance.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why haven't any Iowa CRs endorsed McCain? I'd care more about what they think...

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arline Isaacson, co-chair of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, said she cautioned gay and lesbians against believing Romney's overtures in 1994, and said conservatives shouldn't trust him, either.

"He can't be trusted," she said. "Because if it is politically expedient for him to swing to his right or swing to his left, he will do it."

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All hail the chief panderer!

11:44 AM  
Blogger Caucus Cooler said...

We agree 1139. And we'll cover that if it comes up..

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the Massachusetts college republicans, a few weeks ago they made a statement that this endorsement of John Mccain for president was basically bogus. College republican organizations hardly ever endorse one candidate in the primaries especially this freak'in early. It was a rumor by one officer that hardly represents the entire organization of college republicans. Basically, it was fuel for bloggers to write about it just like they are doing.

As for the Romney campaign in the next coming months, I think people will be pleasantly surprised at who he is and what he has to offer our country .


12:16 AM  

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