Tuesday, January 02, 2007


First we'd like to say that we appreciate everyone putting their "best foot forward" today. A couple quick housekeeping items.

  • Upon the request of a couple emailers we've made some basic notations on the links to help you determine what the sites are if you have never been there. (D) means that it's a dem blog. And for blogs with authors who have a preference in Presidential candidates, we've put the candidate's initials behind the link. Let us know if there's anything you'd like to see changed/updated/added on the links.
  • Also, Krusty made reference to our recent criticism of Huckabee this morning. The thing is, we've had high hopes for Huckleberry in the Cooler. He was in the top 4 of Presidential contenders for a while on the "Cooler Line" and has never dropped out of the top 5. The thing is, while Huckabee has been deafeningly silent over the past few months other candidates, Sam Brownback and Jim Gilmore, are taking the juice out of his "kredible social konservative kandidate." Not to mention that Huckabee isn't exactly a flawless right-winger himself (taxes, immigration). So that's why we've been poo-pooing his campaign of late. He certainly has plenty of time to turn it around.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

CC, here's where you're off base on Huckabee. You say you have "poo poo-ed his campaign" of late, but the point is HUCKABEE HAS NO CAMPAIGN! He did not do anyting to advance his campaign in 2006 because his is not (yet) running. So, all the buzz you've heard about a Huckabee presidential campaign -- heck, the fact that you've even heard of Huckabee at all -- at this stage is pretty darned impressive. One can only imagine what will happen once he IS running (if he does).

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