Tuesday, August 15, 2006


A recent focus group done by Republican pollster Frank Lutz yields some interesting results. He tested likely voters in New Hampshire and Iowa and came up with the following analysis:

McCain- Expectations are the highest, credibility on national security, humanizing wit. If he turns down his intensity a notch or two and manages expectations he could be unstoppable.

Newt- Came in with barely any support; he won over the most voters with his policy and communications skills.

Rudy- Republicans see him as Presidential, but after hearing the whole story on his stances voters aren't sure he's the right choice

Romney, Allen, and Frist all face problems as well: Romney's being religion, Allen turns off women (and macacas), Frist seems "uncomfortable in his own skin."

Here's the link from Ankle Biting Pundits


Blogger Jeff Fuller said...

FYI on Hynes:



Funny how he “comes clean” after he’s caught. That sounds like “damage control” and not intellectual honesty.

I jumped too quickly about his disclosure which he did in the article, but, in my view, he's lost a lot of credibility.

Also, the article doesn’t say who did the best nor did it rank the candidates. The spin by Hynes is that McCain and Gingrich did the best . . . I’m not getting that from reading the link (am I missing something? “High Expectations” do not translate into votes–-that translates to me as “name recognition”. So, name recogintion for McCain is high . . . OK, I think we knew that). I'm seeing a lot of spin there. All they say of Romney is that he faces religion issues.

Same article said this of Romney:

Mitt Romney: “Romney looks and sounds presidential,” Luntz said of the Massachusetts governor.

He is viewed as “the smoothest” of the candidates, even by those who don’t particularly warm to him. But Romney’s toughest hurdle may be how well he responds to questions about his Mormon religion.

In New Hampshire, Luntz noted, “Voters appreciated how he dodged details about his faith, focusing on ‘values that we share.’ ”

But Iowa has a significant Christian conservative population, and Luntz said his response to the religious question there raised more questions than it answered.

So the only drawback for Romney is Iowa Christians? As an Iowan who knows a thing or two about how Romney’s doing here . . . I’ll take that!

Anyone else worried about Romney's religion in Iowa? The south may be a bigger hurdle.

Romney’s sitting pretty!

1:28 PM  
Blogger Caucus Cooler said...

We didn't even mention Hynes in the post so not sure why you felt the need to trash him in the comments Jeff. In fact he puts the McCain disclaimer at the top of his post. We just gave a brief overview of the candidates Lutz covered because we like to keep the posts short. Wasn't trying to shortchange Gov. Romney who has gotten plenty of positive coverage here of late.

4:22 PM  
Blogger Jeff Fuller said...


You didn't mention Hynes but just used his words and his overview of the article.

The original article (source) is much less biased toward McCain (it also praises Newt (who has no chance of winnning a general election).

If you use his words and ideas then I'll trash someone who deserves to be trashed.

4:44 PM  
Blogger Caucus Cooler said...

Fair point jeff

5:11 PM  

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