Thursday, December 21, 2006

Huckabee's Funders

12 Stops – National Association of Music Manufacturers Consulting- $40,000
12 Stops – Book Tour/Salary- $40,000
12 Stops – Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church Book Sales- $700
12 Stops – Cooper Institute Honoraria - $2,500
12 Stops – Cooper Institute Book Sales - $599
12 Stops – Hope for America PAC (Huckabee’s PAC) Book Sales - $7,700
12 Stops – Crystal Cathedral Book Sales - $4,070
12 Stops – McBride Agency Book Royalties - $148,750
12 Stops – Ankeny Free Church Honoraria - $1,500
12 Stops – Thomas Road Baptist Church Honoraria - $2,500
12 Stops – Liberty University Honoraria - $500
12 Stops – International Speakers Bureau/CA Assoc of Health Plans Honoraria - $17,000
12 Stops – Washington Policy Center Honoraria - $10,000
12 Stops – International Speakers Bureau/Public Health Institute Honoraria - $13,000
12 Stops – Castle Partners Honoraria - $13,000
12 Stops – International Speakers Bureau/Grant Makers in Health Honoraria - $4,000
12 Stops – International Speakers Bureau/Novo Nordisk Honoraria - $17,500
12 Stops – Keppter Speakers/Utah League of Cities & Towns Honoraria - $10,000
12 Stops – Prestonwood Baptist Church Honoraria - $1,500
12 Stops – International Speakers Bureau/Novo Nordisk Honoraria - $17,500
12 Stops – International Speakers Bureau/Institute for Health & Productivity Honoraria -$13,000
12 Stops – International Speakers Bureau/Washington University - $13,000


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, you NEED to name your sources, otherwise this looks like hearsay. Right now, this post is as bulletproof as swiss cheese.

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, is there any way you can post a .pdf of the document? Is it a state financial disclosure form?

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not a list of donations, as the word "took" implies. He earned these. I've seen Mike speak in person -- and I've seen a lot of other speakers at conventions, some of whom pull in six figures at a pop -- and Huckabee ranks right up there. To garner a small fraction of what another speaker would get for the same gig doesn't seem like the big news some folks would like it to be.

5:32 AM  
Blogger tescon said...

The difference between professional speakers and the Huckster is, he was an elected official.

Elected officials (in the US) do not get paid to speak to people in their state/county/city. That stinks to high heaven!

It fits his pattern...$95,000 for his wife's clothes...registering for a wedding at Target (more than a year after he renewed his vows and years after his actual wedding just so that lobbyists and others could buy him gifts on his way out of office...)

I realize that Arkansas politics are different (see Whitewater, Hillary Rose Hill, etc.) than everywhere else in America, but we don't want the Lincoln bedroom rented out again by any Arkansas politician who looks more and more corrupt.

He will not pass the smell test. This shows very poor judgment on his part. It just does not look right.

The more I learn about this guy, the less I trust him. I currently trust him about as far as I can drool. and I can't drool too far.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huckabee uses the name of Christ to get rich -- how disgusting!

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I heard Mike Huckabee speak about the wedding registry at Target and I believe he said that this was something his friends wanted to do for him as a house warming (or similar event- I don't remember specifically). Anyway, Target did not at the time have the event they were celebrating as a category for which to register, so they entered the wedding registry.
But give me a break, they were registering at Target for crying out loud- it isn't like registering at SAKS or Neimann Marcus. I cannot believe that people want to beat the guy up for this, but I think it is because the dirt on Huckabee is hard to find.
If you think about it, this really goes to show how down to Earth Huckabee really is, which makes me like him more. Can you name any other front runners who would consider registering for gifts from Target?
Can you name any other front runners who would live in a trailer for 18 months while the governor's mansion is being remodeled? Mike Huckabee did.

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a way you could cite some sources? I would love to look into this further....

5:09 PM  

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