Monday, November 13, 2006

Drafting Gilmore

We recently received the following email from the Draft Gilmore contingent. We at the Cooler have made our doubts about a Gilmore candidacy very clear. This email did not do much to persuade us otherwise. For those that have doubts that JG is sticking his toe in the waters, his multiple trips to Iowa, attempts to hire staff, and the following e-appeal will certainly persuade you otherwise.

On November 7, 2006 Republicans suffered their largest setback in years. Despite the jubilant declarations of Nancy Pelosi and Co., this is not the result of a wave of Democratic support. This is the American people voicing their opposition to the Republicans who have turned away from their principles. Already, armchair-pundits have crowned Republican presidential frontrunners as those responsible for the increasing deficits, pork-barrel spending, and Republican loses across the nation. Republican Party faithfuls have also joined in the finger pointing. It is time for the Republican Party to nominate someone detached from the catastrophe. It is time we nominate someone who can unite the Party under conservative ideals once again. Governor James S. Gilmore of Virginia is the sole candidate who can step up to the plate and lead the Republican Party back to their core principles. Governor Gilmore will stand strong against pork-barrel spending, higher taxes, and government corruption. Governor Gilmore will enact true immigration reform and secure our borders.

The Gilmore folks should probably do some spell check before sending out future emails.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here you go blowing smoke trying to brush off an incredible guy. GIlmore has a lot more class and brains that most of the people running. I say Go Gilmore!

5:37 PM  
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