Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Forgetful Jones

As if you needed more evidence of Rudy's run, the New York Daily News has an exclusive this morning on Rudy Giuliani's "Secret" campaign plan. Apparently a forgetful Rudy insider left the plan at a political event last fall. Whoops.

The plan sets as a goal between $100-125 million raised in 2007 but some of the key components won't be on board. 3 of the top donors Rudy had targeted are supporting McCain, 1 is supporting Romney, another has taken the role of chief fundraiser for the WTC foundation.

The most interesting section though lists in bulleted form the personal/political challenges Rudy will face. At the end it says. "Are these problems insurmountable?" "Has anyone reviewed with Rudy?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Would President Giuliani be leaving our homeland security plan laying around for Al Qaeda, too?

A collossally stupid offense.

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can answer that. Yes, the issues are insurmountable. And no need to review that with Rudy. He's smart enough to know it. He's just looking for a quick and easy $100 million he can keep.

Only total chumps will give to Giuliani's campaign.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Caucus Cooler said...


A candidate can no longer keep money the campaign collect for personal use after they are out of the race. That was outlawed some time ago.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

Remember the West Wing episode where the Republican finds the Democrat's briefcase?

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a good episode!

Rudy Giuliani has way too many negative attributes that we know about, that will prove to be detrimental toward getting the nomination.

Also, knowing what we know about him now make me cringe. Imagine what we will find out about him if he makes a serious run.

The closet door has only been cracked open; imagine when all the skeletons come out of the closet. It spells disaster for Rudy.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on, I want to hear about real scandals!

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

atleast he does not have a section how to respond to Kerry wanting him as Veep.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul S writes absurd comments on the www.race42008.com blog as well. Please disregard his analysis.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm a "contrarian", but when push comes to shove I don't believe that Rudy will run.


8:44 PM  
Blogger Brent Oleson said...

Maybe your a "dickhead." Quit posting your Romney website information. When we want to find out pro-Romney information we simply type in Caucuscooler.blogspot.com.

Couldn't resist CC since your criticized by everyone for being a [insert presidential candidate name] shill and supporter.

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Weaver has the best quote on this story: "I thought it was a security company."

10:26 AM  

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