Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bylaws Byshmaws

A little bit of buzz in New Hampshire regarding the National Committeeman flirting too hard with Governor Romney. While this seems like a minor indiscretion to us at the Cooler, it is a reflection of how careful these PAC's are going to have to be. It's not a good sign for Mitt if Team Romney is going to blatantly skirt the rules- but more likely this is an isolated incident that won't even make a murmur in the Granite State... Jeff/Burton tell us what you know about this.

Aside about Iowa- I'm not sure if anyone here would be too worried if Steve Roberts was joining a PAC- Tom Rath must be an influential National Committeeman- the committeeman's influence and duties vary from state to state.

Romney Update: Mitt joins the group of Presidentials who have unveiled their energy plan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:16 AM  
Blogger Jeff Fuller said...

Someone pointed the Rath/N.H. thing out to me earlier today.

Not sure what to make of it (other than that TONS of people are getting on the Romney train!)

With Romney not officially announced as a candidate and the rule reading "During all Presidential and State Primaries . . ." it's hard to see any infraction here. Maybe breaking "the spirit of the law" though.

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not against any bylaws until there are actual declared candidates. Rest assured, Mr. Rath won't be helping John Cox, who is the ONLY declared candidate in the race at this time.

FYI - Rath is a pretty big deal, as he has regular contacts with the national press corps.

He is a smart guy and will comply with all rules and by-laws.

5:13 PM  

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