Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Line Change! (Why are politicians at their best in defeat edition)

Bill Frist gave a tremendous speech this afternoon about his decision not to run for the Presidency. Here's a snippet.

"We will seek the best opportunity to serve mankind. We will stay actively involved in formulating innovative solutions to the seemingly insurmountable problems that face Americans every day -- high cost of health care, energy dependence, the threat of radical Islam. I may return to what I’ve done for most of my adult life: heal through medicine (the way I saw my dad serve since I was a little boy riding around with him, his black doctor’s bag tucked between us, as he’d travel the neighborhood making house calls). "

Too often politicians only become themselves only in defeat or in resignation. The best speech Al Gore ever gave was his concession. Last month George Allen, Harold Ford Junior, and Rick Santorum all looked more appealing in defeat than they ever did on the campaign trail.

Hearing this speech we at the Cooler regret to a certain extent not giving Dr. Frist a longer look. Unforunately for Frist he lost control of his public image and didn't make enough strides to regain that image until it was too late.

We'd also like to note that Frist had arguably the 3rd best Iowa organization when we went to bed last night. With Pataki imploding, Giuliani nowhere to be seen, and Huckabee strangely quiet- Frist had a group, led by the capable Brian Kennedy, that could have performed well in a straw poll.

But they'll never have that opportunity.

For the first time yesterday, Bill Frist made the Top 5 on the Cooler line. Today it's adios. Frist moves from 22-1 to OFF and we'll delete him all together after a couple weeks.


Blogger The Deplorable Old Bulldog said...

This is kind of a sad loss. I agree, his "retirement" speech was his shining moment.

If Dr. Frist had been more like that in the last two years, he'd still be in the race today.

Message to candidates-don't wait to get real until it's too late.

9:37 PM  

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