Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Spank the Macaca Part Deux

After doing some further thinking and reading on the Macaca incident, we at the Cooler are starting to believe that this was a playful nickname Allen's staff had given Sidarth and not a racial slur. The fact is that even if Macaca is a french racial slur (as of yet unconfirmed), it is certainly not a common one. And if you read the explanation given by The Hotline and Commonwealth Conservative it makes more sense.

As you can see in the picture, this kid definately has a mohawk. So, I'm going to buy Allen's explanation. He's been in politics a long time, too long to be making racial slurs while he's being taped.

Nonetheless this was a stupid, stupid move- but it seems like something that's fun buzz in August, but will be long since faded by January '08. The only way this has any staying power is if Allen allows the media to continue to play into his past as a guy who is racially insensitive. That's definately going to be brought up ad nausem between now and the caucus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that hair-do is a macaca if I've ever seen one

3:27 PM  

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