Wednesday, April 25, 2007

US News: McCain Makes It Official

By Kenneth T. Walsh

"John McCain has been running for president a long time, so it might strike voters as a bit strange that he is just now getting around to 'formally' announcing his candidacy. But that's the way campaigns work these days. It's about PR.

McCain will be looking to reinvigorate his image when he begins his announcement tour in New Hampshire on Wednesday and proceeds to South Carolina on Thursday, Iowa on Friday, and Nevada on Saturday, ending that afternoon in his home state of Arizona."

CBN’s Brody File Blog: Rudy Vs The Democrats

By David Brody

Now playing the part of George W. Bush: Rudy Giuliani. Watch his speech yesterday in New Hampshire. He's in rare form blasting the Democrats on national security. This is the winning ticket for Giuliani. Stay away from social issues and go with the leadership thing.

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